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Creator, Writer, Executive Producer

Marcus London Hall is the creative force behind the uproarious comedy series "Good Judys." 

The Covid-19 pandemic catalyzed Marcus London Hall, igniting a fervent desire to nurture his creativity. During this transformative period, Marcus London Hall embarked on a mission to bring to life the television series he had always envisioned and inspired by a casual "what if" joke among friends, "Good Judys" emerged as a testament to Marcus' unwavering commitment to storytelling.

The endearing protagonist of "Good Judys," Marcus Fairfield, serves as more than just a fictional character; he is a manifestation of Marcus London Hall's own lived experiences. Through Marcus Fairfield, Marcus London Hall invites audiences into a world brimming with laughter, camaraderie, and genuine human connection.

With "Good Judys," Marcus London Hall has not only created a comedy sensation but has also established himself as a beacon of creativity and authenticity in the entertainment industry. As he continues to weave his magic both on and off the screen, Marcus remains dedicated to sharing stories that resonate, entertain, and inspire.


Marcus London Hall can be found on all social media platforms @MarcusLondonHall

Executive Producer

Giovonnie Samuels is the one of the executive producers of the show. Giovonnie is an actress and teacher with a career in TV/ Film spanning over 15 plus years.  Staring on Nickelodeon’s “All That” and Disney’s “Suite Life of Zack & Cody" at an early age; then moving into films working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, such as two-time Academy Award Winner Hilary Swank in “Freedom Writers," and Hayden Panettiere in “Bring It On: All Or Nothing." For the pass 8 years, Giovonnie has traveled the United States and abroad successfully teaching acting workshops, self marketing, and public speaking.

Giovonnie Samuels can be found on all social media platforms @Only1Giovonnie


Editor, Executive Producer

Edwin Ulysses Rivera s native to Los Angeles, CA. He studied Film with an emphasis in Editing and Directing at CSULB. He has a passion for shows that tell diverse stories with plenty of heart. He was recently co-producer on the hit show, "On My Block." He has also been editing for over 15 years on shows such as This Fool, Boo Bitch, Gentefied, The Last OG, and The Last Man on Earth for all the major networks and studios. He is currently pursuing his passion in directing as well as collaborating with producers on new exciting projects. 

Public Relations, Social Media Manager, Director

Giorgio “Gio” Johnson is an entertainer born and raised on Chicago’s south side. As an actor, he has been in over 20 stage plays and film projects. Most notable for his guest star appearances on “Chicago Fire” and the upcoming AMC drama “61st Street” Executive Produced by Michael B. Jordan. His talent doesn't stop with acting; he is also a host, writer, and most recently a director. In March of 2018, Gio did his first Production “Rekindled” at his church home All Nations Worship Assembly. During the pandemic in 2020, Gio launched “The Kick Back,” an online talk show where he talked music, movies, and pop culture with several guest from Disney, Nickelodeon, Netflix, and more! He is never one to hesitate to give back, having been involved with several community outreach programs, charity projects, and youth mentoring programs. Gio’s ambition to succeed is fueled by his loving mother Jacqueline”JJ” Johnson, who up until last year was a teacher. Although she lost her vision a few years back, being the strong woman she is, she has not let this disability stop her from living her life. This has been a big inspirational boost to Gio on his journey to success. Whether in the spotlight or the background, there is no doubt Gio is a rising star, who's “Never Give Up” attitude will take him far in the industry.

Gio Johnson can be found on all social media platforms @GioJohnson


Producer, Casting Director

Jovan Brown was born in South Hill, Virginia, on March 26, 1983. At the age of 8, Jovan was discovered and brought on as a reoccurring actor for South Hill Virginia’s first Children’s Theater Company SOVA, under the direction and tutelage of retired VA. State University drama professor, the late Margaret L. Walker.


At the age 12, Jovan developed an ear for music, and  learned how to read sheet music while enhancing skills to play clarinet, and later, other instruments.

Throughout his school age, Jovan received many awards for Academic forensic competitions, for storytelling categories, and other musical competitions. 

After graduation, Jovan moved to NYC where in later years stepped out on faith to pursue his dreams and passion to act. Since then, Jovan has been blessed to obtain a supporting role in a TV series Sex & The Single Lady, & leading roles in other major films and plays.

Producer, Production Manager

Jamai Fisher is a Filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. She began her career as a child actress. It wasn't too long after that she became a Producer. Jamai is passionate about creating spaces in entertainments for Black people to thrive and be their most authentic selves.

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